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Artist Residency at the Museum of Motherhood

As part of an online artist residency this summer with the Museum of Motherhood in St. Pete’s, Florida, I’m curating an art exhibition on ”Pandemic Parenting; Collaborating and Carving Out Space for Art.” OCAD University issued a Press Release on my art exhibition and artist residency with the Museum of Motherhood: ”The Art of Motherhood”, OCAD University (August 3, 2022). Because I am unable to leave my family and attend a traditional artist residency in person, I’m grateful to have this art opportunity. Thanks to technology, I can work on an online art exhibition and artist residency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the Museum of Motherhood in Florida, USA. The Museum of Motherhood recently featured my art and writing in two blog posts:

Visit the Museum of Motherhood’s online art exhibition page ”Pandemic Parenting; Collaborating and Carving Out Space for Art” where each week this month I will feature a mother artist’s art and projects.

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